Chin and Cheek Augmentation

Chin and Cheek Augmentation

Both men and women find well-defined chins and sculpted cheekbones attractive. Our aesthetic specialists at Stoker Aesthetics perform cheek and chin augmentation at our Los Angeles practice to create profound improvements in the overall appearance of our patients’ faces. Facial fillers such as Radiesse® or fat grafting are excellent for enhancing the cheeks, while chin implants improve your profile.
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Chin and Cheek Augmentation

What techniques are used for cheek and chin augmentation?

Dr.Beshoy Khalil  and his team of expert injectors, , use advanced surgical and nonsurgical techniques to enhance our patients’ facial features.

Chin augmentation: Dr.Beshoy Khalil typically performs chin augmentation with synthetic implants. He begins the procedure by making a small incision under the chin or inside the mouth. Under the chin often works best because the scar heals beautifully, the technique has a low complication rate, and there is minimal impact on lip and neck muscles.

Cheek augmentation: Our injectors prefer using fillers such as Radiesse or may recommend injecting a patient’s own fat to create natural-looking results with fat grafting. These minimally invasive techniques have minimal downtime and a very low rate of complications. Carla and Stacy inject fat or filler deeper into the skin than they would for lip augmentation or under the eyes. The deeper placement with larger volumes creates aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting results.

Before & After cheek and chin augmentation

Who are good candidates for cheek and chin augmentation?

Candidates for cheek augmentation may be patients who are starting to see facial skin and fat descend due to aging and gravity. They may be concerned that their formerly full, youthful cheeks appear sunken and hollow. Other candidates may simply be seeking better facial proportions.

Chin augmentation candidates usually fall into two groups. First are men and women who seek a stronger chin and jaw line to balance other facial features. For many patients, chin augmentation can complement rhinoplasty in Egypt , yielding better facial proportions and making the nose appear smaller.

The second group of patients benefiting from chin augmentation include those who are starting to experience neck laxity or a double chin. For older patients, a chin implant can improve the results of a facelift or neck lift, with or without liposuction. For some, a chin implant can camouflage jowls by smoothing depressions in the jaw line.

What happens during cheek and chin augmentation recovery?

Recovery from cheek and chin augmentation is usually swift. Most patients experience minimal bruising, and their new facial lines look good even before all swelling is resolved.

What are the risks of cheek and chin augmentation?

Risks of cheek and chin augmentation are few. Chin augmentation patients may see light bruising; this occurs less often with cheek augmentation. Infection is a rare complication. With chin augmentation, there’s a slight risk of nerve injury or displacement of the implant.

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